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It takes very little to start a criminal case. The words of a witness alone are enough for a criminal complaint to issue from the Court. When there are more serious charges, the words of a witness are enough for a judge to hold the accused on a very high cash bail, or in some cases without the right to bail. Based another person’s words, the accused, even if he or she is later found to be innocent, can be held for up to a year waiting for trial on their case. And, if the words of a witness are believed at trial, that is often enough for a conviction.

Under these circumstances it is imperative to know about the charges that you face, the possible penalties and consequences of a conviction. You also need to know what the prosecutor would have to prove in order to find you guilty. You need to know what defenses you have. And, perhaps most importantly, you need to know what your rights are under the Constitution. That is why zealous and trustworthy representation is essential. Attorney Rodriguez-Ross is certified to represent clients in Massachusetts at a state and federal court level. At the Law Office of Attorney Rodriguez-Ross we are committed to protecting your rights.




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